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When considering plastic surgery to change or improve body proportions, a complete evaluation by Dr. Parva is recommended. Underlying bone and muscle contribute to our body shape; and the quality of our skin and the distribution of fat reflect the youthful and healthy appearance of our body. We cannot change the genetic factors that contribute to the shape of our bodies but by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, we can optimize our health, both inside and out.

At Parva Plastic Surgery in Leesburg, Virginia, our responsibility to you is to distinguish the unchangeable from what can be improved and to understand your expectations so we can direct you to realistic goals and outcomes.

“Dear Dr. Parva,
I couldn’t have asked for a surgeon with more compassion and genuine concern for their patients.”

We have a highly educated population who visit our web site and office. Yet confusion arises as much of today’s media paints an unrealistic picture of plastic surgery, its capabilities and its results. We seek to bring clarity to the often confusing information presented about plastic surgery so you can make an informed decision regarding the following procedures:

We invite you to review the body contouring information provided on our web site and arrange a consultation with Dr. Parva to discuss your personal goals and if plastic surgery is a good option to meet those goals.

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