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There are many reasons why women are considering a breast lift today. Aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, loss of skin elasticity, heredity and gravity are all contributing factors in why breasts begin to “droop” or “sag” affecting a woman’s self image. A breast lift can help reposition and lift the breast to a more youthful position and restore the volume and firmness to the breast. Breast lifts can also reposition and reduce the size of the areola which may have stretched. After a breast lift, the breasts will be positioned higher on the chest and have a more youthful “perky” and firm appearance.

What is a Breast Lift (Mastopexy)?

Many women experience considerable stretching of skin along with the loss of breast volume after pregnancy and nursing, or as a result of weight loss and aging. A breast lift is required to tighten the skin and elevate the breast to a more youthful and aesthetic position. Breast augmentation may also be performed at the time of a breast lift if you desire increased breast volume. Keep in mind that a breast lift elevates the breast while breast implants add volume. Therefore, the specific procedure must be designed to each woman’s desired results and depends on the changes that have occurred to the breast. Implants will not substitute for a breast lift if the breast is too low. This fact highlights the importance of a consultation to evaluate your breast volume and position and to give you appropriate recommendations. Various techniques are used and are individualized to each patient.

This 34 year-old young woman with 2 children had significant breast asymmetry. She had a bilateral breast lift and was very happy with the symmetry and balance. She is 5-4 and weighs 135 lb. and wears a D cup. She is seen 3 months after surgery.

What Can a Breast Lift Do?

A breast lift can give a more youthful and elevated appearance to the breast.

Who is a Good Candidate?

The Breast Lift Procedure:

At surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Behzad Parva, MD will mark your skin in the pre-operative holding area. Your plan is individualized based on your particular breast size, any previous scars, possible use of implants, degree of skin thinning and skin excess, etc. The nipple position with the breast tissue is elevated to a higher location and adjustments are made to achieve the closest balance and symmetry between both breasts. Various techniques exist, such as a doughnut Mastopexy or vertical breast lift but every effort is made to minimize the incision and thus the final scar. Typically, the resultant scars are visible around the nipple region, extending down to the crease and within the crease under the breast but will fade and lessen with time. A drain is sometimes placed behind the breast to reduce potential fluid build-up during the recovery period. The surgery is typically performed as an outpatient unless other procedures are combined and require longer operative time. Typical surgery times are about 2 and 1/2 hours. A supportive bra is placed before leaving the operating room.

Breast Lift Recovery and Healing:

Breast Lift Results:

Noticeable results are seen immediately but it will take several months for swelling to settle and for the long term results to be evident.

“I know that true beauty is measured by the heart but thank you so much for making me feel “pretty” on the outside.”

Breast Lift Scars:

Breast lift scars can vary depending on the extent of the breast lift. Some may be limited to a scar around the areola, often referred to as a “doughnut” mastopexy. A “keyhole” or “lollipop” incision involves a scar around the areola and then extending down to the inframammary fold of the breast. Other breast lift scars will involve a scar around the areola and then extending down to the breast crease and along the length of the breast crease.

Breast Lift Cost:

Breast lift costs can vary depending on the extent of the surgery but can range from $7000-$8500. If breast implants are also placed, that will increase the costs as well.

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