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“Having my children is one of the greatest blessings I will ever experience but I never realized the tremendous toll my pregnancies would have on my body…”

These are the feelings echoed by many moms.  Some of the changes that women in Northern Virginia struggle with after giving birth are:

Every woman’s pregnancy experience is unique, and the changes in their body and how they feel about those changes are different for every woman as well.  A Mommy Makeover performed by Parva Plastic Surgery in Leesburg can address all of these concerns by combining the appropriate procedures to give a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.  Moms are the heart of the family, caring and loving their families at great personal sacrifice.   After caring for their children, many Moms eventually find the time to address their personal care, which may include a desire to return their bodies as close to a pre-pregnancy shape and form as possible.  Moms throughout Loudoun County, Fairfax, Winchester, and Maryland have stated that the Mommy Makeover performed by Dr. Parva, board certified plastic surgeon, has helped restore and re-contour areas that have changed due to pregnancy and in some cases, helped restore their confidence and self esteem.

The Mommy Makeover simply refers to the procedures that are available to women to help correct the aging changes that occur to the body after pregnancy.  Pregnancy has an impact on a woman’s body that is unlike any other physical strain experienced by the body. There are local and general effects. The local effect is most pronounced in the abdomen since the growing fetus expands from the inside stretching the abdominal wall and skin. This is visibly seen as the skin stretches, causing stretch marks to develop and the belly button to spread and widen. What is not initially seen is the abdominal wall that is stretched. As the muscles are pulled away from the center of the abdomen, weakness develops and some women can see or feel the bulging or weakness of the abdomen when they strain.

After nursing, eating healthy and working out, Moms are often frustrated that the abdominal wall still has a bulge and the skin is thinned and has stretch marks.  Unfortunately, the anatomic changes to the skin and tissues of the abdomen cannot simply be reversed through healthy activity and diet.  The treatment option is therefore an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

The other major area of change is the breast. With lactation and the enlargement of the breast, as well as the effects of nursing, the breast may lose volume, firmness and even position. Breast rejuvenation options can vary from one mother to another, depending on the degree of change. For example, a woman who wears an A cup may return to an A cup after childbearing and can do very well with breast implants to fill out the volume of the breast. On the other hand, a Mom who was wearing a C or D cup may find that the breast has dropped and is no longer youthful in appearance. She may need a breast lift to reposition the breast.

Finally, fat deposits naturally occur as a woman’s body prepares for the nutrition needs of her child. With proper diet and exercise a mother may re-establish much of her pre-pregnancy figure but some areas may be resistant. Liposuction may be the answer to help contour some of those areas, such as the hips, flanks and thighs.

What is the Mommy Makeover?

A combination of procedures that are individualized to each woman’s specific needs in order to return her body to a pre-pregnancy figure.  Often this includes:

This 31 year-old Mom lost breast size and developed significant stretch marks and loose skin of the abdomen after child birth. She is 5-2 and weighs 132lb. She had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation with midrange 421cc silicone gel implants. She is happy with her youthful figure and wears a 36D bra. She is 2 years post-op.

Who is a Good Candidate?

The Mommy Makeover Procedure:

Individualizing treatment options is the key to a successful and satisfying Mommy Makeover.  Based on the consultation with Dr. Parva and the pre-operative planning, each area of the body affected by the weight changes of pregnancy is addressed.  Establishing a more youthful body proportion is the goal and that is achieved through careful planning based on the changes to the body and each Mom’s goals and expectations.

The breast volume loss is corrected by placing breast implants, as long as the breast has not dropped too low. If the breast position is low, then a breast lift is the treatment to rejuvenate the breast. A general rule to determine the potential need for a breast lift is to check the location of the nipple relative to the breast crease. If the nipple falls below the crease, a breast lift is often needed.

The abdominal area is most often rejuvenated with a tummy tuck. Liposuction is a possible option, but if there are stretch marks and excess skin, then the result of liposuction alone is likely to be poor. A tummy tuck will remove excess skin, tighten the weakened abdominal wall and redrape the healthier upper abdominal skin over the entire abdomen.

At the time of surgery, Dr. Parva will mark the breast, abdomen and any areas for liposuction. The number of procedures and total surgical time are taken into consideration when planning the Mommy Makeover. Often, the procedures can all be performed at a single session; however safety considerations will dictate the number of procedures and length of surgery.  An overnight hospital stay may also be recommended for some patients, based on the length of surgery and your medical history.

Recovery and Healing:


Results are seen immediately but swelling will take about 3 months to fully resolve.

Continued healthy diet and activity level will maintain the results long term. As long as further pregnancies or significant weight gain is avoided, your body should not return to the aged, stretched appearance prior to surgery.

“Dear Dr. Parva & Staff-

Thank you so very much for the outstanding transformation you performed on me with my surgery.”

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