Women often come to Parva Plastic Surgery with a desire to rejuvenate the breasts or to establish better body proportions between the upper and lower body. Some women have had developmental abnormalities with breasts that did not reach a normal size or shape, while most women seek breast rejuvenation after child birth or weight changes. Some common concerns voiced by our patients include:

“My breasts are too small for the rest of my body”

“One of my breasts is different from the other one.”

“My breasts have dropped.”

“My breasts are too large and heavy and it’s hurting my back and neck.”

“I can’t find any clothes that fit me the right way.”

You may share these same sentiments or experience other concerns. Dr. Parva, our board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in the following cosmetic breast procedures:

We invite you to explore the breast surgery information provided on our web site and hear the stories of others who have been down the same road. A consultation with Dr. Parva will be an excellent opportunity to discuss your specific concerns, goals and expectations and review an individualized care plan for you. We look forward to meeting you.

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