What Is a Lumpectomy?

A lumpectomy describes a surgical procedure to remove a specific portion of the breast. This technique may be employed for breast cancer or a benign lesion in the breast.

What Is a Partial Mastectomy?

A partial mastectomy involves removal of a portion of the breast when there is typically cancer involved. The extent of removal can vary from a small amount to a more significant volume of the breast.

Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy

A lumpectomy removes a specific portion of the breast whereas a mastectomy removes the entire breast gland.

The Lumpectomy / Partial Mastectomy Procedure

The lumpectomy or partial mastectomy procedure involves removal of the specific area of the breast that has the disease. Generally, a margin of normal surrounding tissue is removed as well. Depending on the extent of tissue removed and the relative size of the breast, the local tissues can be brought back together to fill in the defect directly, or reconstructive procedures may be employed to do a more extensive reconstruction to fill in the area of defect while also reshaping and rejuvenating the breast.

Why Involve a Plastic Surgeon if You Choose a Lumpectomy/Partial Mastectomy?

This 38 year young lady, 5’9” and 149lb. had a right breast mass that was removed. The mass recurred 2 years later in the right upper breast. A lumpectomy was performed, removing a mass nearly the size of a grapefruit. Immediate reconstruction was performed rearranging the remaining breast tissue. For breast symmetry a left breast reduction was performed. The patient is seen 16 months post op and is very happy with her reconstructive outcome.

A lumpectomy/partial mastectomy is an attempt to preserve the majority of the breast tissue while treating the breast tumor. Clinical studies have demonstrated that many breast cancers can be treated with a lumpectomy/partial mastectomy and radiation and achieve similar results as mastectomy. Therefore, the tumor and surrounding breast tissue is removed and most of the breast remains. However, radiation can have significant deforming effects on the breast. Reconstructing and re-shaping the breast at the time of the partial mastectomy, before having radiation to the breast, improves the long term shape of the breast. When considering a lumpectomy/partial mastectomy and radiation, several factors should be considered:

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Lumpectomy / Partial Mastectomy Recovery

Recovery after a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy is primarily protecting the breast and limiting activities. Within a few weeks, generally women can safely increase their activity levels, although it may be recommended to postpone high impact activities for several additional weeks.

Breast Reconstruction at the Time of a Lumpectomy

Breast reconstruction techniques at the time of lumpectomy will be dictated by the location and extent of the lumpectomy being performed. Your plastic surgeon can discuss the surgical plan and give some guidance on what to expect. However, reconstructive decisions may be adjusted in the operating room based on the amount of tissue removed so there may be some variation in the scar patterns that result. Your plastic surgeon will also discuss and plan for a symmetry procedure on the opposite breast. This can often be performed at the same time or if preferred, at a later date.

Lumpectomy / Partial Mastectomy Scarring

Lumpectomies and partial mastectomies may often be performed through a small, limited incision and therefore a small scar. However, if a more extensive amount of breast tissue is removed and a breast reconstruction performed, then scars may be more extensive and may involve scars around the areola extending down to the breast crease and along the length of the breast crease. Your individual surgical plan will dictate the sites of incision and the subsequent scar. Your surgeon can discuss that in more detail so that you have a good understanding of what to expect.

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