What Is Nipple Reconstruction?

Nipple reconstruction is a surgical procedure that involves creating a projection of skin and soft tissues to simulate the appearance of a natural-appearing nipple and areola. This often involves skin grafts and, additionally, may be followed by tattooing. Many women today are choosing to forego nipple reconstruction and go directly to nipple-areola tattooing, which can provide an excellent non-surgical option that simulates a natural appearance to the reconstructed breast, even without an actual projection of the reconstructed nipple.

At 42 years of age, this mother of 4 found a mass in her left breast. Additionally, because of a family history of breast cancer, she decided to have bilateral skin-sparing mastectomies and 2-stage expander/implant reconstruction. She is seen 5 years after 600cc high profile silicone gel implants and nipple reconstruction.

The Nipple Reconstruction Procedure

Nipple reconstruction can be performed to complete the breast reconstruction process. Various techniques are available, but the general approach is to create a projecting mound of skin and tissue that resembles a nipple. A skin graft may be used, as well, to recreate the areola. Tattooing can add the color needed to simulate the nipple/areola appearance.

Nipple Reconstruction Recovery

Recovery from a nipple reconstruction is primarily protective care. We often use dressings that will help prevent any compression or friction across the area of the nipple reconstruction.

Nipple Tattoos After Reconstruction

Nipple tattooing has emerged as an excellent alternative for women who may want to avoid another surgical procedure or the persistent projection of skin from a surgically reconstructed nipple. With a skilled and experienced tattoo artist, the nipple tattooing techniques can provide excellent color options and often can give a “three-dimensional” appearance to the tattooed nipple-areola. Completing the breast reconstruction with nipple-areola tattooing has a tremendous psychological and emotional impact on women who once again feel whole, complete and feminine.

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