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Lumpectomy/Partial Mastectomy

Why Involve a Plastic Surgeon if You Choose a Lumpectomy/Partial Mastectomy?

A lumpectomy/partial mastectomy is an attempt to preserve the breast shape while treating the breast tumor. Clinical studies have demonstrated that many breast cancers can be treated with a lumpectomy/partial mastectomy and radiation and achieve similar results as mastectomy. Therefore, the tumor and surrounding breast tissue is removed and most of the breast remains. However, radiation can have significant deforming effects on the breast. When considering a lumpectomy/partial mastectomy and radiation, several factors should be considered:

  • How much breast tissue will be removed, relative to the size of the breast?
  • In what area of the breast is the tumor – the upper, inner, outer or lower portion? This can have an impact on the final shape of the breast.
  • Where is the tumor relative to the nipple? The effects of scar tissue and radiation can displace the nipple, resulting in significant asymmetry (differences) with the other breast.
  • What is the size of the breast? Women with a small breast, such as an A cup, may have significant loss of volume after a lumpectomy/partial mastectomy leaving them with a significant deformity. The attempts at a “breast-conserving” lumpectomy/partial mastectomy may not be as good an option as a mastectomy with reconstruction.

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