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The breast is the most common site of cancer in American women and breast cancer will develop in 1 of every 8 to 9 women in their lifetime. Although a cure has not yet been found, breast cancer is now detected earlier and there are now improved modes of treatment. Still, being diagnosed with breast cancer is frightening, confusing and earth shattering. Our team at Parva Plastic Surgery sees the hope, determination and personal victories in the lives of our many breast cancer patients.

Women are often faced with decisions and feel ill-prepared to make them. Some important questions they have to ask themselves include:

Statistically, only 35% of women with breast cancer undergo breast reconstruction. Unfortunately, that is not by choice, but most often because many women are not aware of reconstruction and the options available to them. States have begun passing legislation that requires all women with a diagnosis of breast cancer to be referred to a Plastic Surgeon so they can be informed of their individual options. Regardless of legislative efforts, as Plastic Surgeons committed to the care of our breast cancer patients, we have an obligation to increase public awareness and to expand physician awareness so breast cancer patients receive optimal, individualized care.

Women who have undergone breast reconstruction have said that the procedure alleviates the pain of losing a breast and improves their self-esteem and confidence. In fact, many can begin the breast reconstruction at the time of a mastectomy therefore, minimizing the feeling of loss associated with a mastectomy. Conversely, other women may choose to proceed with breast reconstruction months or even years after their mastectomy (delayed reconstruction). With the many options and advances available today, every woman diagnosed with breast cancer should seriously consider her reconstructive options, as well as the cancer treatment options.

For optimal care and results, Dr. Parva strongly supports referral to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for everyone diagnosed with breast cancer. Even if the desire is for breast conservation, such as lumpectomy and radiation, coordinated care between the team of breast surgeon and plastic surgeon can optimize the final outcome in treating the cancer and achieving the best aesthetic appearance of the breast.

Everyone should also be aware of The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998, signed into law in October 1998, requiring group health plans and health insurers to cover the cost of reconstructive breast surgery for women requiring treatment for breast cancer. Coverage also includes surgery on the other breast to achieve symmetry.

Some common myths about breast reconstruction should be clarified:

“I have dealt with numerous physicians over the years with family, friends & myself. You are by far, the kindest, most caring, skilled, & understanding doctor I’ve ever encountered!”

What are My Breast Reconstruction Options?

To guide you in your decision making, Dr. Parva, serving patients in Northern Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Loudoun and Fairfax Counties will help you through the following decision tree:

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