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Fold Malposition (Bottoming Out)

The inframammary fold is the crease under the breast and is a very important landmark that contributes to breast form and definition. With breast implant surgery this fold may be disrupted or weakened, allowing the implant to descend abnormally low. The low implant position also rotates the nipple upward and contributes to a less than ideal appearance. This “bottom heavy” appearance to the breast can result from:

  • A low breast pocket at surgery
  • Thin and poorly supportive skin
  • Excessively large implants

Correcting this situation often requires internal sutures to modify the breast pocket, elevating the crease and the implant. Changing the implant size may also be helpful.

In some cases, recreating the breast fold and supporting the new implant position is assisted by the use of Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix. This material is placed as an internal graft when supportive tissue is needed.