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Implant Replacement

Various factors may lead to someone seeking removal or replacement of breast implants. Often someone decides to change the breast implant size while certain circumstances may lead to an unexpected need to have surgery for implant removal and replacement. Some situations that may lead to implant replacement include:

  • Ruptured implants
  • Capsular Contraction (scar tissue forming around the implant causing firmness of the breast)
  • Aging implants with a desire to replace them before rupture
  • Breast size has increased and the desire is to remove the implants
  • The breast implants are larger or smaller than desired
  • Desire to exchange saline implants for silicone gel implants or vice versa

Breast implants have a limited life span and everyone’s body changes over time. These factors will often lead to an eventual need for further surgery. When having implant surgery, it is important to keep in mind those facts and be prepared to have further surgery in the future. A full consultation with Dr. Parva, board certified plastic surgeon, in Northern Virginia is advised to discuss your specific concerns and formulate a treatment plan.