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Skin Care

As one of our patients who is already enjoying all the benefits of the SkinMedica® Skin Care Regimen we have provided the convenience of purchasing SkinMedica® products online. Enjoy shopping by clicking the button below!


“I highly recommend Parva Plastic Surgery for surgery or skin care. Any time I visit their office it is a pleasure. Their entire staff has the best customer service of any office I have ever been in. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to give them a call. You will 100% feel better about yourself after going. They are superb at what they do. You won’t regret it! :)”

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Skin Brightening

Lytera® Skin Brightening System

lyteraLytera® Skin Brightening System is a new non-prescription & Hydroquinone-free based treatment regimen that is simple to use and effective when treating hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, hormone changes, and aging. The LYTERA Skin Brightening Complex diminishes dark spots by lightening existing hyperpigmentation in four different ways and reduces future damage to the skin. Lytera’s patented blend of non-irritating ingredients, makes it an ideal treatment for all skin complexions with stubborn pigmentation.

What does Lytera® Skin Brightening System d0?

  • Evens skin tone and clarity
  • Lightens brown pigmentation
  • Exfoliates and smoothes skin’s rough texture
  • Improves skin’s self-moisturizing capabilities
  • Enhances the protective barrier function of the skin
  • Increases circulation and cell renewal

Skin Rejuvenation

TNS Regeneration System®
TNS Essential Serum®

tnsTNS, otherwise known as Tissue Nutrient Solution, is a natural blend of pure growth factors and refined elements that repair and rejuvenate skin that is damaged and appears aged. Growth factor proteins are essential for the skin to maintain a healthy structure, in return slowing the visual aging process and reducing future damage. Packed full of antioxidants, serum peptides, and the highest level of growth factors, the TNS Regeneration System® and TNS Essential Serum® remains a highly effective anti-aging skin care regimen and serum available for topical application.

What doesTNS Regeneration System® & TNS Essential Serum do?

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases cellular renewal and repair
  • Builds up the skin’s natural protective barrier
  • Improves skin’s structure
  • Decreases visual age spots
  • Smooths skin’s texture
  • Builds skin’s resiliency to future damage

Vitamin C+E Complex
Tri-retinol Complex ®

age_03SkinMedica™ anti-aging treatment regimens are designed to reverse physical damage to the skin caused by environmental assaults, reduce UV radiation effects from overexposure to the sun and reduce physiological cellular changes. SkinMedica’s treatments are highly effective forms of time-released Vitamin C + E and gentle retinol complexes that restore the natural glow and elasticity of healthy skin.

What does Vitamin C+E Complex and Tri-retinol Complex ® do?

  • Improves skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases cellular renewal and repair
  • Replenishes skin’s moisture reservoir
  • Decreases impurities and toxins in the skin

Age Defense Eyes

TNS Eye Repair®

tns2TNS Eye Repair® is a luxurious eye cream enriched with active growth factors to increase tissue integrity, decrease crepiness, and reduce the overall appearance of dark circles under the eyes. TNS Eye Repair® is best coupled with Lytera® Skin Brightening System or the TNS Regeneration System® by SkinMedica™.

Visible Redness

Redness Relief Calmplex®

redneessCalm and protect sensitive skin prone to visible redness with Redness Relief Calmplex® by SkinMedica™ at Parva Plastic Surgery. This breakthrough treatment provides a rich moisturizer to soothe red skin while calming visible redness caused by rosacea, environmental exposure, and UV radiation. Improvements in redness can be seen in as little as two weeks and it has a non-comedogenic formulation gentle enough for all skin types.

What does Redness Relief Calmplex® do?

  • Reduces visible redness
  • Restores skin’s moisture level
  • Provides an additional protective barrier
  • Improves skin’s health and radiance


SkinMedica™ Acne Treatment System

skinmedicaThe SkinMedica™ Acne Treatment System is a prescription-strength acne treatment program that contains a patented, solubilized form of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide (BPO) and salicylic acid to penetrate deep into the follicle and treat acne where it starts. Sensitive enough for both normal and oily skin, this simple 3-step physician-dispensed acne therapy is clinically proven to better penetrate the follicles for effective P. acnes bacteria reduction and rapid lesion relief.

What does the SkinMedica™ Acne Treatment System System do?

  • Clear active acne outbreaks
  • Control over productive oil glands
  • Calm inflammation on the skin’s surface
  • Decrease P. acnes (bacteria causing acne outbreak)
  • Regress of cystic acne
  • Prevent future acne outbreaks


SkinMedica™ Facial Cleanser
SkinMedica™ Sensitive Skin Cleanser
SkinMedica™ Purifying Foaming Wash

cleanseSkinMedica™ has developed gentle, non-irritating cleansers designed to remove debris from the skin’s surface and provide a better atmosphere for cosmetic products to be better absorbed and therefore more effective. SkinMedica™ Facial Cleanser is a foaming, soap-free cleanser that lifts dirt and make-up while providing adequate tissue hydration. SkinMedica™ Sensitive Skin Cleanser lightly cleanses the most sensitive skin with natural botanicals and soothes compromised skin after therapeutic treatments. SkinMedica™ Purifying Foaming Wash contains 2.0% Salicylic Acid and helps clear acne prone skin by unclogging pores and removing impurities and acne causing bacteria from the skin’s surface.

What does the SkinMedica™ Facial Cleanser, Sensitive Skin Cleanser, and Purifying Foaming Wash do?

  • Gently purges dirt, make-up and environmental pollutants
  • Provides moisture balance to various skin types
  • Clears acne outbreak
  • Balances the PH of skin to assist better absorption of cosmetic products


SkinMedica™ Ultra Sheer Moisturizer
SkinMedica™ Dermal Repair Cream
TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer + SPF 20

moistureProviding a broad spectrum of moisture levels for various skin types, SkinMedica™ moisturizers Ultra Sheer Moisturizer and Dermal Repair Cream effectively hydrate the skin and are enriched with natural antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. For the individual who needs adequate moisture, sun protection and anti-aging components, TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer + SPF 20 guards against environmental impurities while providing full-spectrum protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

What does SkinMedica™ Ultra Sheer Moisturize, Dermal Repair Cream, and TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer + SPF 20 do?

  • Rapidly restores skin’s barrier
  • Maintains skin’s moisture balance
  • Comforts stressed skin
  • Nourishes compromised skin
  • Decreases impurities and toxins in the skin
  • Increases cellular renewal and repair

Sun Protection

Daily Physical Defense™ SPF 30+

sunprotectionDaily Physical Defense™ SPF 30+ is an oil- and fragrance-free all-mineral sunscreen that goes on with a sheer coverage and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use. This light-weight protection provides broad spectrum protection for the harmful UVA and UVB rays and reduces free radical damage with use of caffeine and natural green tea antioxidants.

What does Daily Physical Defense™ SPF 30+ do?

  • Protects the skin from UVA and UVB radiation
  • Protects against atypical cellular changes
  • Decreases impurities and toxins in the skin
  • Compliments Lytera® Skin Brightening and TNS Regeneration System®

Scar Care

Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline™

scareScar Recovery Gel with Centelline™ improves the visual outcome of scars with an easy topical application. This revolutionary formulation combines natural ingredients which supports the early phases of scar formation to avoid undesirable scarring.

What does Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline™ do?

  • Reduction in visible redness of scars
  • Softens scar tissue
  • Expedites scar recovery

Post Procedure Protection

SkinMedica™ Restorative Ointment
TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream™

pppSkinMedica™ Restorative Ointment uses Squalane, Vitamin E, sunflower seed and castor oil to protect and accelerate the recovery of compromised skin immediately following ablative procedures to include Laser Express Peels, Laser Micropeels, Laser Resurfacing, and Profractional Laser Peels. SkinMedica™ Restorative Ointment also compliments healing of newly exfoliated tissue after chemical peels such as SkinMedica™ Vitalize Peels®. For additional moisture and to further protect your investment, TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream™ may be applied daily to newly treated skin to boost overall tissue rejuvenation and cosmetic outcome.

What does SkinMedica™ Restorative Ointment and TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream™ do?

  • Support epithelialization of post-procedure skin
  • Rapidly restores skin’s barrier
  • Maintains skin’s moisture balance
  • Comforts stressed skin
  • Nourishes compromised skin

Allergan Black Diamond Provider and Brilliant Distinctions Program

Parva Plastic Surgery has been honored with Black Diamond status by Allergan. Black Diamond recipients comprise of only 1% of all the practices in the nation. Black Diamond practices are recognized as the top providers of Natrelle® Breast Implants, Botox®, Juvederm®, Latisse® and SkinMedica® skin care products. This distinction signifies the high number of these treatments performed in our Leesburg office. Our patients can feel confident in the high level of expertise and experience provided during their treatments. Due to our patients’ continued loyalty and referrals we were able to achieve this honor. Thank you for your continued trust!


As participant of the Brilliant Distinctions® program, members can receive points for each BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, and LATISSE® procedure they undergo to redeem for future treatments. They can also donate those points to charities such as Dress for Success® or the Make-A-Wish Foundation®. As a convenience to our patients, we will be happy to enroll you in the Brilliant Distinctions program.

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