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Profractional Laser Testimonial, Northern Virginia

I had my Profractional Laser done approximately 2 days ago age 39. As you can see I am very red. I am blonde hair, blue eyes with very fair skin (prone to redness). I had Profractional laser done 2.5 years ago with amazing results meaning I wear no make-up just sunscreen (SPF 50), mascara and lip balm out in public(never have I done that). Now 2.5 years later it was time again. It was for fine lines and skin tightening (darn aging process). I have read RealSelf when I just started looking into Profractional and there seems to be a lot of bad reviews but I just wanted to say it has been a dream come true for me to have great skin. I look rough for 2 days and then by day 3 just redness but not gross and by day 4 I can go out with tinted sunscreen. As the week passes the skin gets better (pink) and by 2 weeks out it’s amazing. As I said before I have had this done once before (the second time seems to be going even better than the first). I go back onto Obagi skincare system in week 2 and the results just keep getting better and better. I’m no beauty queen but people say my skin looks amazing and ask what I do! I feel for everyone that gets nervous about doing Profractional, I was too! I can only say do your research, find someone you trust and discuss your expectations. It’s something I recommend (I’m a patient not a doctor) because I can’t do the full CO2 laser because I would be red for years per my Dermatologist evaluation. Just my experience with Profractional.

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