What to Expect for Breast Augmentation Recovery

When considering breast augmentation, prospective patients often have a number of questions regarding the recovery process. In my experience, some of the most common inquiries typically pertain to how long recuperation will take, how much pain or discomfort may be involved, how quickly normal routines can be resumed and various other questions of a similar nature. While personalized answers to these questions will differ on an individual basis, there are certain commonalities that the majority of breast augmentation patients can often expect.

Following the procedure, most women will notice some degree of bruising and swelling in the breasts, but these particular side effects are temporary and should gradually diminish over time. After about five to ten days, the majority of women can typically return to non-strenuous jobs, school and/or other normal activities. Light aerobic exercise – such as walking – is generally permitted at this time, but any vigorous workouts or heavy lifting should be avoided for at least two weeks, although longer if shaped implants are used. Though normally described as mild, any potential discomfort experienced throughout the recovery process can often be managed effectively with medication.

Ultimately, every person heals differently, so the postsurgical instructions and timeline for recovery will vary by individual. A more personalized outline of what to expect after breast augmentation can generally be provided during a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Behzad Parva, MD

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