Benefit of Consulting a Plastic Surgeon Prior to Lumpectomy or Mastectomy

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Behzad Parva, MD reveals how breast cancer patients interested in breast reconstruction can greatly benefit from consulting a plastic surgeon before undergoing lumpectomy or mastectomy. Leesburg, VA — According to Dr. Behzad Parva, a plastic surgeon should be included in the initial planning stages of lumpectomy or mastectomy surgeries in order to optimize the chances for better outcomes. “A coordinated surgical approach in which the plastic surgeon is involved at the outset of the planning process provides the best opportunity […]

Questions to Ask Prior to Lumpectomy or Mastectomy

In my previous blog post, I explained the importance of consulting a plastic surgeon before lumpectomy or mastectomy. By doing so, the breast surgeon and plastic surgeon can often coordinate their surgical approaches to not only help improve the cosmetic outcome of breast cancer surgery, but also to potentially perform breast reconstruction simultaneously with mastectomy or lumpectomy, if possible. When consulting a plastic surgeon prior to lumpectomy or mastectomy, the following are some important questions breast cancer patients should be […]

Importance of Consulting a Plastic Surgeon Before Lumpectomy or Mastectomy

For anyone diagnosed with breast cancer, a coordinated surgical approach to lumpectomy or mastectomy that involves a plastic surgeon from the outset provides the best opportunity for achieving a good cosmetic result. Factors such as breast size, skin quality and possible chemotherapy or radiation play a significant role in selecting the type of breast reconstruction, as well as the timing of the procedure. Planning and performing a delayed breast reconstruction has to be approached in a different manner than situations […]

Plastic Surgeon in Virginia Explains When to Consider Breast Revision Surgery

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Dr. Behzad Parva highlights several factors for which patients may consider breast revision surgery to achieve a more natural look and feel for their breasts. Leesburg, VA — Breast revision surgery is intended to improve and/or correct unsatisfactory results from a previous breast enlargement or reconstructive operation. At Parva Plastic Surgery, Virginia plastic surgeon Behzad Parva, MD has performed numerous revision breast surgeries over his years in practice, and he is experienced in addressing an extensive array of complications that […]

Importance of Board-Certification for Breast Revision Surgery

As with any plastic surgery, women who have breast revision surgeries are most often satisfied with their results when their surgery is performed by an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast procedures. One of the main reasons this often proves to be true is the degree of difficulty associated with revision surgeries. Some of the challenges a surgeon may face in performing a breast revision procedure may include: Preparing for revision surgery with an incomplete history of […]

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