The Advantage of VECTRA® 3D Imaging for Breast Augmentation


Helping someone envision how they may look before having breast augmentation surgery is one of the most challenging things we try to accomplish with our patients. At Parva Plastic Surgery, we see the VECTRA® 3D imaging system as a valuable educational tool that enables patients to visualize potential surgical outcomes and define realistic expectations prior to surgery.

Every person is unique and their implant choices for breast augmentation have to be a “good fit” for their specific body proportions. The VECTRA® technology offers patients the opportunity to step into our “virtual fitting room” to “try on” different types and sizes of breast implants. The system will give a three dimensional perspective on how the body will look from many different angles, much like a three-way mirror. It will also help ensure selecting the right implant becomes an easier and more comfortable decision as well as confirm that a woman’s desired goals are indeed realistic and attainable.

The surgical outcomes demonstrated with the VECTRA® 3D imaging system are the patient’s potential results, not someone else’s. For this reason, patients typically have greater peace of mind as they make an informed decision after viewing various potential surgical outcomes.

Ultimately, I believe VECTRA® 3D imaging can be a valuable tool for our patients to see potential surgical results before having surgery, but it does not replace selecting an experienced board certified plastic surgeon when considering any plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Behzad Parva, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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